Friday, November 11, 2011

Good Bye, Old Friend

OK, so these are spring flowers.  They are still pretty and an antidote to the gray uglies out my window.

What a sad week.  One of my oldest friends has expired.  Before you feel too bad for me, I should say it is my Kitchen Aid mixer.  Only 25, but then my last one which I bought used, lasted for 40 years.  I did get a new one, but I shall miss my old faithful friend who gave me so many wonderful cakes, cookies, scones, bread, mashed potatoes, whipped cream, ice cream, profiteroles.  I'm on my second Cuisinart, also.  It always pays to buy the best you can afford.  I always recommend to new kitchen folks to go to an industrial or professional cookware shop - the stuff is made to last and they have everything one needs to have a well-equipped kitchen.  Or an over-equipped kitchen, as my case may be.

We tried to go for a walk today - I even got out my winter jacket - rats.  It was just too cold, with the wind blowing a howling gale.  I had to hurry home and have some tea to warm my toes and fingers.

I have reviewed this tea before, but it is a new year's batch, so...  It is Pearl Jasmine from the puriTea - yes, that is the way they spell it.  Two minutes at 180, or 3 1/2 if you mess up, like I did.  It didn't matter, which is amazing, since Oolongs and greens can be picky.  This is the same wonderful stuff that smells absolutely like jasmine flowers and tastes like them, too.  It is a green tea that doesn't get bitter if you over do it or if your cup is very large.  It is one of my 2 favorites.  I must warn you, this is comparatively strong, but I don't find it overwhelming and it isn't sickly sweet or like perfume.  it is simply, wonderful.

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Steph said...

My mom just inherited my grandmother's Kitchen Aid mixer, and it's older than I am!