Saturday, September 17, 2011

Up in the Mountains

Here we are, in yesterday's church, looking at the organ.

I am home today and doing some neglected chores, as well as bringing in the plants for the winter.  It is quite cool and while we've not had frost yet, things like basil and tomatoes are done for the year.  One of the hibiscus is blooming its peachy little heart out, as are some begonias, so we get some color.

I am actually  trying a new tea today. World Market offered me some tea a beautiful in-cup infuser to try, so I am  It is a Mountain Wulong, from Hubei, China.  The cup is ceramic, holds about 12 ounces and is a very pretty red with dragon like birds and stylized flowers on it, giving a Chinese feel.  The ceramic infuser inset is rimmed with the same pattern, as is the cover. 

Back to the tea, which is organic and Fair Trade.  I used about 2.5 teaspoons in 185 degree water for 3 minutes.  The long, twisted dry leaves are quite an attractive mix of black, gray and silver.  They smell very distinctly grassy with a big dose of cooked winter squash and spinach.  I am thinking - is this really a floral Oolong?  Not to worry, once it is brewed, it is definitely floral, with a hint of tobacco.  The leaves are quite large and fully unfurled.

The tea is floral, with a bit of a woody taste and at the end,some sort of sweet fruit, maybe peach or apricot.  It is not particularly delicate and sometimes there seems to be a hint of lime in the aroma.  A very pleasant experience.  Thanks, World Market.

I am home tomorrow as well, so I hope to try another tea or two then.

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Anonymous said...

I have been sipping on hot Asian teas for twenty seven years now, and for me, these leaves have given me much pleasure and medicinal benefits. In no way do I ever put milk or sugar in my tea, for I like to taste its trueness as is.