Thursday, September 1, 2011

September is Here!

This is the scene from the porch of my great-grandfather's house in Switzerland.  I would love to have my morning tea looking at this!
A Happy September 1st to you all.

I happened to catch some reporters on TV asking people in our flooded towns and villages if they were resentful or angry about the help they were/weren't given yet.  Obviously these reporters had no clue about small town/ rural life, where people  have neighbors who watch out for each other and help each other in time of trouble.  We keep track of the elderly and disabled and make sure they are okay.  We know about disasters and we do all we can to be prepared.  Reporters need to start looking for truth, not try to stir up something bad for a so-called better story.  I had best hush up right now.

I was preaching one Sunday after a terrible flash flood.  In one church, which wasn't hit too hard, everyone was complaining.  In the second one,  in which the church was flooded to the rafters, people were thankful that a memento was saved by a neighbor or their crippled child got out in time.  What a difference.

I made an apple thingy, with biscuits on top.  I was thinking about baked apples, so I added cinnamon, raisins and chopped nuts to the apples and sprinkled cinnamon sugar on the topping.  Just in time to have some with my tea.  I thought a nice Yunnan would go well, so I am having Uptons' ZY85 China Yunnan Golden Tips Imperial.  The packet is coated with lovely gold dust and instantly smelled like cocoa, with a spice chaser.  Yum.  1.5 teaspoons of the fluffy leaves and buds at 210 degrees for 5 minutes.  Yunnans really do well with this extended time.

Umm, wonderful brewing aroma, again with the chocolate and then some sort of wild meadow/forest scent.  The liqueur is a medium amber.  The taste is originally vegetal, then cocoa and finally spice, with a bit of nuttiness.  Mostly the cocoa.  It is very good, and plays nicely with cream, which seems to enhance the flavors.  It does indeed go well with my apple "thingy"

Woe is I.  The farmers' market is just too enticing.  It is only when I can only stagger to the car with my load that I realize that I didn't really need 5 pounds of grapes, two pounds of cherries, more squash, another loaf of bread... Oh the list goes on and now what do I do with it all?  And there's another one next week, flashing its lovely stuff at me.  Oh woe!  LOLOLOLOL

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