Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bearly Here

An old courtyard in Durlach, Germany.

We got beared again last night!  The buggers really tore up the bird feeders.  Oddly enough, they were only interested in seeds, not suet.

I received my monthely Steepster Select tea offering.  This month is all oolongs.  if they are as good as lat month's, I'll be a happy camper.  Again, they are from companies I've not tried before.

That, my friends, is it for today as I must run off to take the first of my Master Gardener's classes.  I am so pleased to finally be able to do it and doubly pleased to have something else to think about other than the misery in Owego.  Sadly, others cannot so easily escape.  My post woman's kid's house was totally condemned and they had just finally fixing it up.  She has lost all her sparkle, as I am sure her son and his wife have.

Benoy Thapa, from Thunderbolt Tea, said that Darjeeling and Sikkim have experienced a bad earthquake, especially Skkim.  he was asking for prayers for the people there.  Darjeeling is functional again.

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