Sunday, September 11, 2011

Heart Sore

It is raining again and we’re supposed to have rain on and off the next few days. I am afraid it only adds to the burdens of folks here. We went to a distribution center to help out today. It is heart-breaking. The streets are lined with huge piles of people’s clothes, carpets, furniture, their lives. It is all ruined and stinks. They are so tired. When they come to the center, their eyes are empty, they can’t think what they need. They talk too fast, spilling their agony or they are too silent, all of them overwhelmed by grief and weariness. In the midst of this, there is also much generosity. So many people willing to cook and clean and help where they can.  So many taking care of their neighbors.

Sadly, my friend Carrie, at the Briar Patch will not be able to reopen her tea store, as the damage to the building is too severe. She was right next to the river. A lot of our small businesses had their homes there. We don’t know how many of them will be able to reopen.  Before this, you would never be able to imagine the river could get high enough to reach them.  But it did.

It's not only the river which did so much damage.  This is an area with a superabundance of small rivers and streams and they all went over their banks, ripping and tearing at our roads and homes and businesses.  Bridges are out, gravel is strewn all over, roadsides are non existent, it's an awful mess.

I really can’t be doing tea tasting these days. It may not be, but it seems so frivolous in the midst of so much tragedy. I’ll still be drinking it, but I haven’t the heart to do more than that.  Think of us when you can and if you are so inclined, pray for us.  I'll be back when I can.

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Bernideen said...

Oh Lord I pray for this people- Lord I pray for there circumstances - you know exactly what they are - Give them a hope and future. Give them strength and courage. Amen