Friday, September 16, 2011

Some Tea News

This may look like a quilt, but it is actually the ceiling of a church, probably in Germany.

You have all been so patient, and I thank you.  I think we are serving between 75 and 100 families a day at the aid station with food, cleaning supplies,baby and personal needs and candy.  Candy is importent, it makes folks smile and brightens their day a bit.  And we are only one, the biggest, but there are 5-6 other small ones, plus the folks who carry stuff out to those who can't get in.  Today we got a big lot of stuff from the NY Mets baseball team - one of the wives is from Owego.  We even have a huge mound of dog and cat food and a big bag of stuffed animals for the little kids.  It is so nice to be able to give people not only necessities, but some treats, other than candy. 

I do have some tea  news for you.  In 2012 Stash tea will be 40 years old.  Amazing!  It opend in a Victorian house in Portland Oregon in 1972 and was one of the firs to go on line in 1995.  In 2005, they opened their first retail shop.  Pretty cool.

Kenya has joined thethe ranks of Darjeeling and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in having a mark of origin device for their teas.  The Kenyan one is the flag, fronted by a shiled with crossed spears and the words "Finest Premium Teas".

In Dooars, India, the workers are still on strike, albeit peacefully.  They have been on strike for 5 months and the government has brought in mediation teams.

Tomorrow I get to stay home, so perhaps I will do some tea tasting then.

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Annesphamily said...

You have been doing a great job! It sounds as if you wear many different hats! Have a good weekend. Anne