Monday, August 8, 2011

World Tea East Coming to Philadelphia!

Theat looks like a path I'd like to take - perhaps to Heidi's Grandfather's House and then up into the mountains...

World Tea East is coming up Sept. 9-10 at the Philadelphia Convention center.There is still time to sign up to go, especially if you are a tea business owner or planning to be one. 

The purpose of this Expo is to support and fuel the expanding demand for specialty teas along the Eastern Seaboard and westward.  The organizers are planning to provide some solid tea education and have about 14 seminars planned, as well as certification courses by the Specialty Tea Institute.  There will be over a 100 leading manufacturers and suppliers present and there are at least 100 new products and teas being shown off.

The newbies that really caught my eye were Pu'Erh dessert teas - remember Pu'Erh does really well with chocolate;  Rooibos espresso - this one was a bit of a stretch for me; Guayusa, an Amazonian tea/tisane in use for centuries; a floating basket for making ice tea - gotte get me one of those and lots of other goodies.  I can see this will be a severe test of will power.

There will be lots of well-known tea folk there - Bruce Richardson and  The Harneys are among them.  Ajiri teas, who give their profits to the orphans of Kenya so they can get an education, will be there and I intend to see them, both to complement them on their tea and prizewinning packaging and for their good works.

For me, just being back in one of my favorite cities is a plus.  We'll be staying with a friend in South Philly, near the Italian market district, oh yum.  The convention center is merely a hop from Chinatown and only a slightly larger hop from my favorite gelato place in the USA.  It will certainly be dessert on the way home.  If only I will be able to make up my mind! Their very best creation is the darkest chocolate I've ever seen.

The ole tum is still not up for tea, so I'm not trying anything new , or old, for that matter.  If you want to eamil me, the address is the title of this blog, nospacesatyahoodotcom.

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Alex Zorach said...

I will be there and I look forward to meeting you! =)