Monday, August 29, 2011

Can Good Tea Go Rogue?

Ho boy, when Tea Forte says something has cinnamon in it, they really mean it.
Even before I got the top of the canister completely off, I was overwhelmed by
the incredibly strong aroma pouring out of it.  Vienna Cinnamon is just too much, a prime example of the tea flavorer's imagination gone overboard.  It is not as hot as Red Hots candy, but it is as strong.  It is also sweet, without any sweetener.  It is hard to tell that you are drinking tea.  I really don't like this way of flavoring tea.  I like plain tea best and if it is flavored, the flavor should be an enhancement or a fillip, not too much of what might have been a good thing.  I mixed it with some very plain ice tea and then it was ok.  However, I shall comfort myself with some good old PG Tips.

They say good things come in threes.  But I ask, do they all have to come at
once? I am going to the World Tea Expo East, going to visit friends I haven't seen in too long and I signed up for the Master Gardener Program classes.  They are starting before I return from Philadelphia, so I miss the first session.  Phoo.

I have wanted to take this course to become a Master Gardener, for a very long time, but there never was one when I could take it.  It is a longish course covering a whole host of things gardeners need to know.  I am really thrilled to be able to do it.

Very locally we did not suffer from the wind and rain of Irene - just a bad storm here.  However, a little east of us several towns and villages were flooded and I know that many more in the path of the storm had a lot of damage.  Thankfully, it was not as bad as anticipated, although I am not sure that matters to those who lost loved ones .  They have all my sympathy and whatever help I can give.

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