Sunday, August 21, 2011

Peachy Keen

I am so excited. I just got my tea shipment from Steepster Select’s new monthly program, along with a nice, new infuser, suitable for a small pot or cup. The teas are Ginger Peach from The Tao of Tea, Dragon Pearl Jasmine from Red Blossom Tea Company and Makaibari First Flush Darjeeling from Silver Tips Tea. I am additionally pleased by their shredded paper packing, clear directions for each tea,  a small blurb about each, and I have not had tea from any of these companies, so this will be another new journey for me.

Tea is so infinitely fascinating. There are so many varieties, so many sources and processes. The you can drink it hot or cold, cook with it, bake with it, dye your clothes (or leave a big blob on them), dye your hair, clean your carpet, mulch your garden, use it as a room deodorizer, the list goes on and on. You could live to be 100 and not finish with all you can do with tea. And it’s good for you. So much from one plant. Not to mention the flowers are pretty.

I decided to try the Ginger Peach first, as it is billed as being good for ice tea and that appeals to me in this muggy weather. It is from Fujian China, via Tao of Tea nd Steepster, as I mentioned.  First, I am going to have it hot, made with boiling water and infusing it for 5 minutes - see how brave I am getting - actually leaving behind my 3.5 minutes! The black leaves are on the small side, with many, many pieces of dried peach, ginger and flower petals. It smells decidedly subtly peach, with the sharpness of ginger, but so well done, it took a while for me to realize this was ginger.

I found this to be an excellent blend. I could taste the tea, which was accented with the peach and ginger, not overwhelmed by them. It is a surprisingly light tea, smooth as silk. I will report to you tomorrow about how it is as ice tea.

Rosemary of has kindly reminded me of another tea farm in Hawaii, Mauna Kea Teas. They are all organic and only raise about 50 lbs. of tea a year, which she says is delicious. I went to their web site and was impressed by some of their “Tea Talk” articles. Some day, I may try some of their teas, but I need to deal with what I have first.

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