Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Lifetime of Achievement

The entrance to a church in Ravenna, Italy, filled with beautiful mosaics.

The World Tea East has just announced its debut Cha Jing Lifetime Achievement award winner - John Harney. John is receiving this award for his huge contributions to tea, in education, mentoring and innovation. He is respected and revered by the tea world. He and his two sons own Harney and Sons Tea, which operates out of Millerton, NY. No one deserves this more.

Today has gone nicely. I found some miniature roses for only 99 cents each. Even better was finding my new Tea Taster’s Journal by Elaine E. Terman of Wild Orchid Teas. I had seen this on another blog, which I cannot remember the name of. I am very pleased with it and even more pleased that Elaine sent me 3 samples of tea to begin my book! There is a short history of tea, and explanation of the different types, a discussion of tisanes and brewing and tasting guides for both. And…there is room for notes on up to 3 infusions, as well as room for other notes, all in a compact 9x5 inch book. Can you tell I like it?

So, here I am, trying one of Elaine’s generous samples. It is Vithanakanda OP1, from Ceylon. The dry leaves are large, twisted, black, with a good tea smell. I brewed it up in my newest tea pot - a small 4 cup from the Salvation Army - you can find such good stuff there; 3.5 minutes with boiling water, a biggish teaspoon per cup, as the leaves are large. It brews up to a fairly light amber, having that good-wash-on-the line scent I associate with fresh Ceylon tea. It has a deep woodsy taste, reminds me of tree bark in the sun. There is a bit of honey there as well. Even with that woodsiness, this is by no means a heavy tea. It is light and refreshing.

The current issue of Tea, A Magazine just arrived and I must say, this is a good one. There is a lengthy article about “The Men of Tea” and many other things related to men and tea. At last year’s World Tea Expo in Las Vegas it was noticed by many that there is a large growing interest in tea among younger men. Hooray, keep those generations coming!

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