Monday, August 1, 2011

Enchanted Forest

Aah, mountains, with lovely snow on them.

Last evening was so beautiful. There was a slight mist rising from the bog behind the trees and it was like gold netting in the evening sun. The trees were all backlit, green and golden. Just lovely. A while later, it all looked eerie, the sun was gone, the trees were black and there was this ethereal mist swirling through them.

The Ernster kitty had to hit the vet again! Somehow, the poor critter keeps finding nymph ticks and then were he was bitten - usually his lip - swells up. he actually looked kind of funny - like he was pouting, with his lip stuck out. So we have to do the meds thing and keep him in for 2 weeks. He won't be the only one suffering, as he whines if loud caterwauling doesn't work. I will need much tea to survive.

If you want to make a beautiful cake for a tea, but aren't too talented as a decorator, like me, you might want to try for one of their cake molds or cake toppers. I can at least color inside the lines, so this looks like something I could use. They also have some fancy cake molds, like a cute puppy, which would be special for a kid's tea.

If you have broken or lost a piece of your china, silver or crystal, may have it. I have used them in the past to fill in my grandmother's china and was pleased. I think they are expensive, but if you feel desperate... Gramma's china was nothing special, so you don't have to be looking for only the top brands.

It's hot again today, so I think I am just going to grab a green tea to report on. I have some White Peony from the PuriTea in the fridge, but it is nothing special, it was much better hot.

I got some flavored green samples from Blue Raven Teas and this one is Enchanted Forest. It looks something like the understory of a forest, with it's mixed shades of gree, white, gold and some flower petals. It smelled like cherries and almonds with a hint of maybe citrus? I couldn't tell. I brewed it for about 2.5 minutes with 185 degree water. The resulting brew was a pale green-gold and it still smelled of cherry/almond, although more muted and somewhat muddied. That is pretty much the taste, as well. I did chill it and I felt it was much better cold. The flavor was clearer. I don't think it really was an enchanted forest, however.

Do you know a good way to clean your teapots and infusers? Fill with warm to hot tap water and about 1/2 cup of baking soda. Let it sit for an hour or so, scrub with a very clean brush - won't take much and Voila! clean again. Rinse very well. If you are in a big hurry, make a paste with the baking soda and scrub away.

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Linda J. said...

I am so happy I can leave a comment now! I use the baking soda method to clean tea stains.