Monday, June 27, 2011

Tea Party in a Cupboard

Same parking structure, taking the long view.

After yesterday's post about a grocery store tea, I got thinking about what you could do for a tea if all you had was what was in your cupboards or fridge or freezer. I like to cook and bake, so there is always lots.

There are all sorts of baking supplies, but I am talking about an impromtu party, so let's do a tour and see what we could do.

My freezer has a pound cake, ice cream and cookie dough for desserts. There is also a box of frozen hors d'oerves, but they are for another party. There is a pizza, some soup, some pesto, and some very good egg rolls. In the fridge are two kinds of chocolate sauce and a caramel one. Hard boiled eggs, veggies, condiments are there as well as some ham and cream cheese. Some whipping cream for, well, whipped cream is always good, no? In the cupboards there are lots of different kinds of nuts, both salted and unsalted. Ditto on the dried fruits like apricots, prunes, pears, cherries and mango. and also an assortment of chocolate bars. Plenty of stuff for some desserts. There is also some fresh fruit which could easily be included.

We have plenty of crackers and cheese and a number of small sausages to make up some small bits, with some pickles, olives and pickled onions to garnish them. I have a wide array of homemade chili sauces, conserves and chutneys which can be used as well. There are lots of olives, sour cream and other things to make dips with, veggies to dip into them. I have a small herb garden and anything is perked up with fresh herbs. At this moment, we have no bread, so no sandwiches. Lots of homemade and store bought jams and jellies, though. But I could make a bunch of silver dollar pancakes and use them as bread, right?

Aha, if there was time, I even have a scone mix, not a usual inhabitant. So, it might not be traditional, but I could throw together a passble feast for tea. I didn't mention the tea, but I can assure you that I have about a gazillion kinds, even after doing some tea shelf cleaning.

Now, what is there is your cupboard you could use for an impromtu party? I would bet that if you look around, there will be an astonishing amount of things you could serve, with little or no cooking or prep time. We can get so caught up in planning way ahead or having everything according to a formula, that we forget we can throw things together out of our cupboards that will feel like a feast to our guests. Just serve it forth without disclaimers! I have to say I do like doing "a proper tea" when there is time.But,you know most people are just pleased you took the time to do anything and are happy to relax and enjoy your company. I certainly would.

We have been enthralled by the number and kinds of fledglings that are being brought to our yard for life lessons. The latest is a hairy woodpecker who is sitting with his father on the suet feeder. The father takes some suet and gives it to the baby. The baby doesn't catch on. Papa leaves. The baby doesn't catch on. They'll be back, I'm sure, until the kid wises up. Yesterday a female cardinal was just sitting on the lawn, looking tired. I think the kids must have worn her out. This morning the grackles were trying to convince their kids to lower their heads and pick up the seeds. They preferred making a big racket. Growing up is hard to do.


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