Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Grace-Full Tea

In front of those gorgeous buttresses is a stone sarcophagus.

Our friend Marcel shared a "tea" recipe with me that I will share with you. There are no measurements, so a bit of trial and error will be needed, but it sounded delish! Make some strong chamomile "tea" and boil it down until it is very, very reduced. Combine this with a recipe of Creme Anglaise or Bavarian Cream and serve over fresh figs. Or one could make a tart with it. I am going to try it and see how it works. At least the cream part. We don't get fresh figs around here very often.

The grackles have brought their children to the feeders and the robin young are all over the lawn. The training of them to learn to eat on their own consists of example and a fine ignoring of their open mouths and loud demands. At least it is a bit gentler than bluebirds who give their young a sharp peck on the head as an inducement to independence. Our solitary turkey is also back. Very odd, as you always see them in flocks. We have one new fawn, although I haven't seen it. Most of the deer are not visiting us - they probably don't want to deal with the downed trees and the cacophony of the power saws. I must say I agree with them.

On vacation, I bought 4 teapots - I know, I should be ashamed. One was antique - the blue and white "Phoenix" pattern from China - a whole set for so cheap, you wouldn't believe. Another gently used, the replacement for the one I broke, and a new one by Bodum in bright purple. It comes in other cool colors like turquoise, red, yellow, and a funky green. It looks very modern - a straight glass cylinder with plastic fittings. The parts all fit together by means of nooks and crannies. You pop your tea into the infuser, add water and the lid and when the time is up push down the plunger as you do with all Bodum presses. The tea goes into the bottom of the infuser, which has no holes. You can find a picture on if you put in "Bodum tea press".

I am trying out this new toy with some tea from a new-to-me tea seller - Gay Grace Teas, . It is run by a woman, in Natick MA, who decided to open a "MobileTea Shoppe" she takes to events. Apparently she has met with great success. It's nice to know that civility and grace are making inroads.

My selection for today is China Yunnan Black, which is my all time favorite, at the moment. In the packet the leaves smell fresh and vaguely spicey. They are on the small side, with an abundance of gold tips. Brewed they have that wonderful characteristic Yunnan aroma, earthy, spicey, with a touch of cocoa and fresh wash. The brew is very dark and deep looking. Oh my, this is nice tea. A good full mouth feel, quite earthy, but not a bit like Pu-erh. A touch of sassafrass, hints of spice. Altogether very, very tasty, worthy of favoritism. The Bodum did an excellent job.


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