Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tea From Snowy Mountain

There's that gray again! We were supposed to get another of those
big storms, but all we got was about 4" of snow at night and a tiny amount of freezing rain. By afternoon, it was okay for walking and we did, along with the orange escorts, who are currently trying to get in the way of my typing.

I opened some of Culinary Teas' Snowy Mountain Jian Tea. The Jian should have clued me in that it was green. But no, I thought it was black, so I boiled the water and then had to wait for it to cool.

Anyway... This is a pretty tea, with longish rolled leaves, some gold and a good bit of nice white down . It didn't smell like much dry - just good fresh tea. As it brewed for 2.5 minutes at about 200 - I was impatient - it smelled very vegetal and somewhat seaweedy, with a gentle smoke overtone. In the cup, it is a light tan. It did not taste at all smokey, but just a pleasant vegetable taste. It seems to hold up better than most greens in a mug size serving, as it doesn't get bitter as it cools and I think it is another one of those you could sip all day. If I did that, however, I would do several smallish pots, rather than one big one. It does get more assertive as it cools, but it's still a decent cup of tea

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Alex Zorach said...

Are you familiar enough Mao Jian to know if this is a Mao Jian tea? I assume that's what it is...