Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh Well

Yes, indeedy, angels have smiled on us and we finally have enough snow
for everything to be pretty. There's about 5 inches and the trees and bushes and bird feeders are all capped. It is very quiet - that stillness that comes with new snow. It's wonderful. We'll go for a walk in a bit but I doubt we'll have company - the fur persons are content to watch from the back porch. Besides, we are taking down the Christmas decorations and there are all those boxes and that crinkly paper to play with!

Here I am again, with Far Western Trading Company's Grand Keemun China Black Tea. Today, there is nothing burning in the oven and no bad cat food smell to interfer. The dry tea still doesn't have much aroma - just a plain tea smell. The brewing tea has a kind of fresh wash, old wood scent, with a little something besides. Not sure what, though.

This is kind of an odd Keemun. Plain, it doesn't have anything distinctive about it - none of that winey deep flavor. I think it is a tad stale. It is somewhat acidic but not particularly pleasantly so. It is better with a touch of cream, but I have had much better Keemuns at better prices. I don't care for their packaging, either. The tea comes in a sealed, metallic sack, but you can't reseal it, so you need to hunt up a can for it.

Have your gardening catalogues started to arrive yet? Ours have and I want almost everything in them. However, good sense must prevail and I am going to buy some black raspberries, currants, and other small fruit I really want and just a few plants for the small patch in front. I'll get the other stuff locally. It's always such a trick to try and appreciate the now while looking forward. But if we don't, there is so much we can miss. Since I am at the older side of my life, with perhaps only 20-30 years left, I don't want to miss anything. My grandmother bought her last car - a red convertible at 85 and had her first motor boat ride at 90. You go, grannie!


Martha said...

There is nothing like sitting in the breakfast room with a pot of tea and the garden catalogues . . . looking out over the herb garden and planning!

Alex Zorach said...

Black raspberries are my favorite fruit ever. My yard is surrounded by black raspberries and Japanese wineberries, and I love it. Black raspberries are very vigorous and I would certainly recommend growing them!

Marlena said...

Have to agree with you. What are japanese wineberries? I miss the huge row of backberries we had at our last place and all the berries we planted there. I love gooseberry pie.