Sunday, January 23, 2011

Roses in the Sunshine

The monastery porch at Kloster Arnstein, in Germany. The abbot was
sent to die in the prison camps in Hitler's war, and there is a memorial to
him in the garden on the other side of this passage.

Woo wee, yesterday's mail was a treasure trove. I got some money for Christmas and spent it on tea books and some Swiss cookbooks at I got about 6 of the tea books yesterday, as well as an old mystery from the 1930's - "The Affair of the Bloodstained Egg Cosy". How could you possibly go wrong with that for a title? I love classic mysteries, especially the English ones, with manor houses, afternoon tea, a lord or 2. I also think many of the classics were better written - they relied on stories rather than violence.

I shall have to have some tea while reading my new whodunnit, before I go on to the more serious business of tea books. I am having Culinary Teas' Rose Congou Emperor Tea. It is a pretty tea, with quite black, small leaves with a bit of a sheen to them. They are offset by tiny rosebuds and rose petals. The tea smells just like tea roses, which have a slight lemon scent, overlying the rose aroma. This a a very nicely done tea, as the rose holds throughout the 3.5 minute brewing process and by the time I was sipping, it still smelled of roses, as well as the taste being accented by them. I thought a bit more of the lemon came out in the cup, but this is definitely a rose tea. I really appreciated the fact that neither the scent nor the flavor disappeared upon brewing. If you go to their site - - you'll find they are having some sales this week. Culinary Teas is also one of those companies that lets you buy 1 ounce samples for a small amount.

Never go for a cold walk with a cat who thinks he is a prince of the Orient and should, therefore, be carried. Bertie Baby threw himself at my feet about every other step, so it was either carry him or fall on my face! Once in his perch, he was quite happy, and I am sure I benefited aerobically from carrying his hefty little self.

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