Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Day

The first day of a brand new year. A picture of an ancient courtyard. What will the new year bring?
We all hope and pray for peace. For love, hope, joy, contentment.
Today is a quiet day. Our socialization has consisted of meeting several neighbors, patting their dogs, as we take advantage of the warmth and walk around. Watch the squirrels and deer, laugh at the cats who show off their climbing skills and run along the top of the fence "Look at ME, Mom"
I got seriously partied out. At the last one, I knew I was done, so I've been trying to be a bit quiet and recharge my batteries.
I haven't even been in the mood for new teas. I am having an "old favorites" week. Today is Twining's Prince of Wales, which I have always loved. That and Earl Gray were among my first teas other than something like Lipton's. I felt so exotic drinking them. How our tastes change.


Steph said...

Here's to a joyous 2011 for you!

Elizabeth said...

I so agree with your last statement. I remember buying those Twinnings teas, along with Lapsang Souchong and English Breakfast in tiny packets of 10 bags because I couldn't afford the larger boxes when I first went to university - and I felt so sophisticated! And like you, my tastes have changed as well. But it's good to go back to those early favorites, just to put everything into perspective. Happy New Year to you and may you get to try plenty of tasty teas this year!

Marlena said...

Joy and happiness to both of you!