Monday, January 3, 2011

Tea for Me

Tuesday January 4, 2011

More of that courtyard in Italy. I am very jealous of them - they
have a 5 foot rosemary. But mine is still alive in its second winter -a near miracle. It's very hard to find the balance of cool, light and water.

I was going to brag about being good about after Christmas candy and chocolate sales. Until they had stuff I really liked at about 80% off. Especially the boxes of shortbread for $2 - usually $6 and the Lindt reindeer for 32 cents (even if my husband thinks it looks like a rabbit). I was only pretty good. It's still better than awful, right? I didn't find any tea sales that good, but a number of companies are having sales, so you should do some surfing and see what's available. I can't - it's either more tea or a new husband. It was a tough decision, but he won-lol.

I was in the doctor's office today and they had this month's issue of Your Health, one of those free papers. There was an article in there recommending drinking tea. It was very short, but listed the benefits of all the main types - white, green, oolong and black. I guess tea is coming into its own. Now if we could get people to concentrate more on tea and not flavorings.

Having said that, I am almost embarrassed to review today's tea - Creme Brulee from Metropolitan tea company, via our local tea seller Front N Center. I got it while I was discussing doing an interview with Simon, the owner and chef of Simon Says, the small restaurant attached to the shop. It's kind of a pretty tea, with attractive brown leaves and some red and blue petals to perk it up. It smells mostly of tea, with a sort of burnt smell. Creme Brulee means burnt cream, although it is really the sugar on top that is "burnt". I brewed it for 3.5 minutes and the aroma continued. The taste was just vaguely sweet on top of a pleasant Ceylon. There was a little kick of astringency at the end.

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