Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tea Mystery

Ballenberg Museum
The interior of a small typical Swiss mountain home, about 150 years ago. The stove on the right would keep the whole house warm. Usually these homes were quite small, as many of ours were.
A gray, misty, rainy day, good for tea. I have some Nilgiri Chamraj Oolong from the Silver Leaf Tea Company. The leaves are very long, twisted, and dark. Their dry scent is perhaps pine and citrus? I honestly can't really tell, but that is the closest I can come.
I brewed this up for about 1.5 minutes for the first infusion and 2 for the second. There are a lot of stems in the tea and it is much darker than Oolongs generally are. The scent has shifted to a balsam. I can't describe how this tea tastes. Brown, with maybe traces of nuttiness.
I did better with the second infusion as it was clearly nutty, with some sort of candy edge to it, but not really sweet. I think I would have to put it in the just okay column for now, but I will come back to it at a later time and see how we do.

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Alex Zorach said...

Nilgiri oolong...this sounds rather exotic! This description sounds fascinating as it doesn't sound like any of the Darjeeling oolongs I've tried (the only other Indian oolongs I've sampled).

So far though, my feelings towards most Indian oolongs have been lukewarm at best, with a couple exceptions. The Soureni Organic Oolong remains the one that really struck me as an outstanding tea.

But even if this isn't my favorite tea, I'd still like to try it, or others from the region...especially after reading your description.