Monday, November 8, 2010

Exploring with the Portugese

Examples of Swiss wood carving. The original home of the Feuz family - mine- was Brienz, on Lake Brienz, which was especially famous for this and still is today.

This morning was very glittery and silvery, with frost on everything and the sun shining. The swamp and trees past the edge of yard look mysterious behind our trees. Yesterday, our whole small herd of 2 does and 3 fawns was having a picnic on the grass.

Marco Polo was a Portuguese explorer in the 'glory' days of navigational exploration. For some reason, Mariage Freres, that wonderful French tea company, has decided to name one of their teas for him. Their shy and self-effacing description of it is"marvelous fruity and flowery tea.'
Well, what can I say? The dry leaves are a shiny black and brown and it smells deliciously of strawberry candy. There are no hints for brewing, so I did my usual 3.33/212/1 tsp thing. As it brews, there is less candy and more berry aroma. And that is what it tastes like - a pleasant berry tea with overtones of floral and vanilla. I did not care for it, but my husband loved it. I think that is because I am not big on berry/fruity teas and he loves sweet ones. So, if you are a berry loving, sweet tea person, this is right up your alley.


francis said...

Marco is so famous and his name so widely known that so people and companies will do or say anything to be associated with him and his Legacy !!! But there is one thing for such MARCO POLO WAS NOT PORTUGESE ! They are fine people but ? Thank you , Francis O'Donnell author , explorer ,award winning film maker of the PBS Emmy nominated documentary " In the footsteps of Marco Polo " and the companion book of the same name - view at

Marlena said...

A very large OOOOOOOOPS. He was Italian, wasn't he? So sorry.