Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Showered with Flowers

Ballenberg Museum -A small chalet that was used by the cowherds in the
summer high mountain pastures. I have a small bell that my grandfather brought from Switzerland that had hung from the neck of one of his cows. All the cows, goats and sheep have bells and it is a lovely sound to hear.
I just got the nicest gift from Alexis at I put my name in for a drawing and received a beautiful silk neck pillow stuffed with tea. It smells wonderful, like a good Oolong or green tea, with a whiff of rose. It has a lovely rose and magenta silk covering and is shaped perfectly to fit my neck. Thank you, Alexis!
It's a sunny day! I am always excited to see the sun, as it is such a treasure as we move into winter. I felt a little bad about skimping on yesterday's tea, so I had some this am and came to the same conclusion - pleasant with cream, but not exciting.
Today I am going to try some more white teas. I have several bits I either bought or was given as samples, so let's see what we can try.

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Steph said...

Hi! You won my blog giveaway for last week!
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