Monday, May 3, 2010

Patience, Patience

The dark rich purple lilacs by the back deck are getting ready to bloom! I look at them several times a day thinking – maybe now they'll unfold, surely they are ready to let that wonderful smell pour out. I am so anxious for them to bloom – to take in their rich beautiful scent. Sometimes I feel like that about tea, if it's name or smell or appearance are particularly intriguing. I just can't wait to try it, to see if the taste lives up to the fanfare that name or aroma gives out. The brewing time seems to be eons, letting it cool enough to taste, almost as long. Sometimes I cheat and pour a bit in a saucer, so I can know right now, if it will be wonderful.
I found this really cute tea strainer on the Tea and Company blog at xx-teo-strainer.jpg. I wouldn't mind having one of these cheerful little people on my mug.
We went to/from Albany today and the only tea I've had was Lipton's Iced Green tea with citrus, in a big jug from the grocery store. Lots of sugar. Tasted a little better than green Kool-Aid, but not much. No, it actually tasted worse. If people think this is reaping the benefits of green tea, I think they are sadly deluded.

We went to the Indian store to stock up and I found some chai tea bags. Stop back in tomorrow for the review. The only other tea I came near was at the supermarket where we had stopped for coffee. It was all K cups from Green Mountain coffee and it was excellent! They had K cups for tea, but there was only one machine and I have had tea from coffee pots and while it is an experience, it is not one I care to repeat.

PS – the lilacs have started to bloom and I am a happy sniffer!

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