Saturday, May 15, 2010

Schloss (castle) Spiez - these swords are about 5 feet long - as tall or taller than men were at the time of their use. If you go to Switzerland, this is a great place to visit. The various rooms are arranged from different periods in the Schloss's life, from about 900 up to about the 1850's.

I was waiting for my tea to cool enough to drink and went over to Adagio's site. I came across their Tea Class . There are 34 FREE lessons, for beginning, intermediate and advanced tea persons. I have only looked at a few, but I thought it offered some very good information. And the price is right!

I found another tea to review. This is from the Assam Tea Company and is labeled Organic Large Namsang from the Rani Tea Estate, Autumn 2008, Batch 121. For an Assam, these are indeed large leaves. They are a very dark color, with some lighter brownish ones. The dry tea smells of some sort of deep, dark wine, with a corn silk touch to it. I personally did not like the smell of the brewing tea, but I think that is me. It smelled basically like the dry, but for some reason, it didn't set well. The tea liquor itself was very nice. Soft comes to mind, if that can describe tea. It seems to be well-rounded and lacking in astringency. It's not an exciting tea, just a pleasant, straight-forward Assam.

This is my last post for a week or so. It is time to shut down the computer, pack it up, move it, un pack it, wait for the cable guy and then we'll be in business again. Probably next Sat., May 22 or soon thereafter. Have a great week, drink some great teas and if you are so inclined, pray for a great move!

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