Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Teacher's Pot

I had an instructive cup of tea this afternoon. It was Narien Tea's Ceylon Kenilworth Estate. There was only enough in the sample from a tea swap friend to make one small pot. The dry tea had no scent and the brewing tea smelled vaguely of citrus. The taste was intriguing, as it tasted nothing like a Ceylon tea! Why is this you might wonder? I'll tell you.

When I got this tea, it was in its own small plastic envelope, but others in the package were quite heavily scented and flavored. Just the short few days it took to get from their house to mine infused this tea with a taste and scent other than its own. Remember, a while ago I mentioned that tea is very sensitive to odors and tastes? Here's the proof. Keep your teas carefully in scent proof, light proof containers. That is hard to do when you have small samples, I know, but I do try to keep scented and unscented ones apart.
We are officially moving on May 19, 2 weeks from today, so postings will probably be very scarce. Most of the tea I am drinking is "comfort tea". The ones I know I like and don't have to think about. They are also ones I have reviewed here. They are, if you're interested, Ajiri Kenya, Upton's Finest Russian Caravan, Tea Smith's South of the Border, unnamed Jasmine and Dream About Tea's Hairy Crab Oolong and, of course, PG Tips teabags. When my stomach gets knotty, I have some Ginger and Peppermint tea.

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Alex Zorach said...

I have yet to try anything from Narien, or from Kenilworth for that matter. I've heard very good things about Kenilworth, though, which is why this experience of yours is surprising. But I do notice like you say that storing teas together can cause aromas to become muddled (and weaker in general).

Good luck with your move...moving can be stressful; I've done too much of it myself! I hope yours goes really well!

I also have my comfort teas...they change a bit over time but right now my comfort tea is Foojoy's Triple Cup Green (link to my review). I will have to try (or get my parents to order) Upton's Russian parents order from Upton and really like Russian Caravan (I like it a fair amount too).