Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rainforest Ceylon

How mighty are dead warriors, carved in bronze.

It is so beautiful outside. Both yesterday and today we had wet snow and every twig and branch is outlined in white. It makes even the most mundane or even downright ugly thing look good. On the other hand, it is still snowing and we may get out heaviest snow to date. But it won't last, the sap is rising and the trees know when Spring is coming, even when it doesn't look like it.

The cats and I agreed that we would stay in today and I made myself a cup of Golden Moon's Rasa Sanharaja – Ceylon tea to the rest of us. It comes from an tea estate on Sri Lanka next to a rain forest. This is no ordinary Ceylon. When I opened the sample, The smell was intriguing – deep and dark and mysterious, perhaps a combination of chocolate and dark molasses. The leaves were very dark and skinny. I brewed it with boiling water for 4 minutes and that deep smell continued. The brewed tea is wonderful, very deeply mellow with that same hint of dark chocolate and molasses, but with a bit of a citrus kick at the end to spark it up. I had it with a bit of milk, which only served to make it more mellow and delicious. As it cooled, it seemed to morph into different flavors, all interesting.

Let me be clear, this tea hints of scents and tastes, you're not going to have a cup of hot chocolate sweetened with Bre'r Rabbit dark molasses. That would taste disgusting! And this tea is so much not that. So drink up, it's good.

Sample I purchased

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