Monday, February 22, 2010

Green Tea on a Gray Day

A small herb garden.

I wondered if I should get hyped about the ending of winter and I guess the weather is getting back at me for my excitement. It is much colder and grayer today and we are supposed to have sleet to finish out the day. Well phoo to that, I am still going to live in hope! In fact I shall be so hopeful that I will have some green tea, which I usually think of as more a spring or summer tea, as it is “lighter” than black tea.
I have a whole box of "Uncle Feng's Jasmine Green Tea" This is one of my Asian market sweep- through teas. It was not very expensive. Upon opening the box, there is a delightful smell of Jasmine, almost of mock orange. The leaves are very green and fairly long and twisted. I brewed up about 2 teaspoons at 175 for about 2 minutes. Too long, so I threw it out and brewed the next cup for 1.5 minutes. Just right. Some greens are very fussy and get bitter very quickly. While this is not the best jasmine I have ever had, it is quite good for the exceedingly cheap price I paid. A fitting cup with which to look forward to Spring.

We are beginning the process of "down sizing" prior to our move this summer. Too many teapots, too many teas, too many books - quite literally a ton. So far, I only got rid of two tea books - they weren't very good, so I won't even offer them to my readers. At some point I will have a tea give away, but that's still down the road a piece. The books that really hurt to get rid of are the cook books, which I can read as happily as a mystery.

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