Thursday, February 11, 2010

From Nilgiri's Moutains to Darth Vader

This is Ernie, who is a very sweet kittie, but got caught in the act on this
one. No, he is not allowed on the table. Yet, there he is. He and yesterday's charmer had a cat fit today resulting in a huge mess and them being ousted from my very angry presence.

What to do? Have a cup of tea, calm down and clean it up. I selected some of Adagio's Decaf Orange. I had gotten it in a swap and I have to say I was unimpressed from start to finish. The tea was loose and had pieces of orange peel in it, but there was little smell of anything, much less orange. I brewed it up with a heaping measure at boiling for 3.5 minutes. The brewing tea smelled a little fresh, but there was no orange scent still. But, the proof is in the tasting. And there wasn't any! Just the very blandest of tea taste and the slightest whiff of orange. What a disappointment. Oh well, the compost pile will be enriched.
Speaking of which. We have the neatest compost bins. They look exactly like Darth Vader, complete with grill. We got them from our local Co-operative Extension for about $30. No muss, no fuss, no smell and you clean them out from the bottom once a year with wonderful black compost for your garden.

All is not lost. The sun is brilliantly out and I brewed myself a pot of Tea Spot's Blue Mountain Nilgiri Organic added some milk and felt consoled. (See previous review)

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