Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bertie and the Dormouse

For those of you who might want to see the kittens - now fully grown -
that I keep talking about, this is the infamous and very naughty Bert.
Tomorrow I will put up Ernie.

One of my fellow writers has a blog called “Life in a Teacup”. It is a well-written, serious blog, seriously reviewing high quality teas. Unfortunately, every time I see the title all I can think of is the dormouse in Alice in Wonderland who was in the teapot and I keep imagining a little mouse with a nice nest in a teacup, being disturbed every day by someone pouring tea in his home. Too much time on my hands these days. Perhaps I had best have a cup of tea, since this is a tea blog and stop being silly.

Adagio's Anji Duet is a mix of green and white tea leaves that smell a bit like dusty quality paper. The leaves are very long, at least an inch, and some longer. It brews up a pale yellow and is quite delicate with a sweet grass flavor that lasts. As it cools, the taste becomes fuller and more rounded. I think if you made ice cubes from this tea and then made iced tea with them it would be excellent. I would recommend the tea cubes as this is a delicate tea that would not stand up to being diluted. It may be one of those with which you could do a cold brew, as well. It is very good hot, which is my preference. I am one of those people who doesn't much care what's in my ice tea as long as it's okay. A sad failing.

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