Thursday, February 18, 2010

Golden Coconut, Sweet Coconut

That's the church yesterday's pulpit is in. And look - it's green there!

Hooray, another good day for tea! A while ago I bought the big sampler from Golden Moon Tea but I haven't tried many, as I got tea in 2 swaps and then I was ill. But today is a good day for a new tea and so I am trying their Coconut Pouchong.

Oh Wow! What a great smell – like the very best coconut macaroons. Yum. The dry tea is a mix of almost balls and crinkly leaves. It is a[unnamed] green tea with the essence of young coconut added. I am always leery of flavored teas, as they so often disappoint, but this just gets better. I brewed it per their instructions at about 175 for 1.5 minutes. While it was brewing, there was not only that luscious coconut smell, but there was also a floral scent, almost a jasmine. It was kind of a yellowy green in color.

Let us get to the taste. What a real pleasure it is to drink this tea – it tastes just like it smells, wonderfully coconut and sweet, but not sugary sweet, just a natural sweet. And yes, there is a definite touch of jasmine and you can indeed taste the fresh green tea under it. Well done. I do not have the palate to identify the green tea, perhaps one of you can. Golden Moon just identifies it as Imperial Green Pouchong. It won first prize at the World Tea Expo in 2007 for best flavored green tea. [Always nice to get your taste rubber stamped! LOL]

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