Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow


I was reflecting a bit on yesterday's movie and I realized how lonely it must be to be king or queen - who could you trust as a friend? There would be so much you couldn't say and there would always be the worry that someone would want to use you for power, personal glory, etc. However, in the movie, the king and his speech therapist did become friends. The power of love and caring!

Carrying on with my green teas I am having Golden Moon's Organic Green. When I opened the packet, my first thought was "spicey sausage". Okay, one of us is a tad strange here. The leaves were kind of mixed, whether intentionally or from transit, I don't know. They brewed up into a pale brownish green, more attractive than it sounds, with a clean fresh vegetal scent, still with a bit of spice, but no sausage. This was an extremely mild tea, with a fresh grass flavor and the barest hint of spice. For me, it doesn't have enough flavor or interest to buy again, but it's certainly in the okay category.

As has been expected, we have gotten about 4 inches of snow, perhaps more. You can't see out of two sides of the porch, as the screens are clogged with it. It stops and starts and we all are watching the weather radar to see when the next lot , along with freezing rain, will arrive. Friends have wondered what we would do in bad weather, since we live out of town. Me, if the driving is bad, I stay home, unless it is a genuine emergency. We just make sure we have water and we're set. If you have grown up in the country, you are always prepared in terms of food and water. Sometimes I think we are a bit over-prepared in the food department, but we won't examine that too closely.

A lot of tea companies are having sales. You might want to cruise the web and see who has a good deal on something you like. Valentine's Day is coming and I am sure there are all sorts of romantic things available. We are having a really nice dinner at home, with some wonderful tea from Mariage Freres - Wedding Imperial, which I reviewed a while ago.


Alex Zorach said...

I definitely have had a similar reaction to some teas, that they remind me a bit of sausage...especially some Chinese pan-fired green teas which have a mild smokiness, much like the mild smokiness in some sausage.

If you want a good laugh, you might want to check out a post by Sir William of The Leaf in which he describes "hog related qualities" in a certain tea.

Gingko said...

Oh! That's very interesting! For a few times, my husband commented on some green teas (pan fried!) that they "smell like meat soup". That shocked me and I couldn't understand how something so vegetal to me was like meat soup to him. Maybe he is just very sensitive to the sausage like smell of the tea.

Marlena said...

I have to say I was really surprised by it, myself.