Saturday, February 26, 2011

Don't Call Me a Pinhead

Overlooking the Mediterranean, on the Amalfi Way.

It is incredibly beautiful here, as the snow has stuck to the trees, in spite of the wind last night. I think there is an ice coating holding at least some of it on. And it is snowing again.

Today's tea is from The puriTea, and it is Pinhead Gunpowder. I expected the little balls to be quite tiny, but they weren't. When I compared it to some regular gunpowder, these were larger. The dry scent was floral and vegetal, with something like sesame teasing around the edges. I steeped it the first time for about a minute and it gave off a lovely floral aroma. It was a lovely pale green. The taste was pleasant, but not exciting.

The second steeping was a bit over 1.5 minutes and again, there was the floral aroma, with a sharp edge to it. Again, the flavor was pleasant, but not exciting, a mix of floral and vegetal, but without that awful fishy or seaweedy flavor. Both infusions were done at about 170 degrees.

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