Saturday, August 29, 2009

Samovar Blend Tsarina

This is another Austrian nobility ceremonial robe. Those Hapsburgs had
some gorgeous stuff.

I thought this would be appropriate as today's tea is Samovar Blend Tsarina from the Tea Table, "formulated in the late 19th century for the czars of Russia" "It is a blend of tippy Yunnan and Assam teas with hand rolled green tea pearls." Upon opening the package it smells kind of woodsy and chocolatey, a little deep and mysterious. The leaves are a nice glowing brown with long golden tips and perhaps 5% of beautiful tightly rolled green pearls. The brewing aroma is wonderful, It instantly reminded me of the smell of my great-Uncle John's cabin - a great smell of fine tobacco, deep rich cocoa, wood logs and a hint of floral. Just super.
The tea itself pours out into a deep rich brown with wonderful creamy bubbles along the edges and the taste is super fine also, with the hints of wood and cocoa, maybe a touch of leather with a bit of a light astringency at the end. My second cup I had with a spot of milk which brought out the leather and floral. All in all, a great cup of tea! Definately getting more of this.

Uncle John was quite old by the time I remember him. He lived in a small cabin on a pond near us and I loved to visit him. He would tell tales of "the old country" Switzerland, where his heart still lived and would make me cups of an odd strong cocoa while I explored the treasures he had, such as a basket make from an armadillo skin with it's tail as a handle. he always had wildflowers and herbs drying from the ceiling and it was just a great place to wander around in.

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