Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ice tea

It's too hot to do much today so I am just having some iced "tea mix" my husband brewed. This is our own blend of teas. Ones that are too old, too weak, too strong, too flowery, too something we don't like. A cupboard cleanout. We then mix them with a so so assam or Ceylon until it is acceptable and use it when we are too lazy to think about tea or for iced tea. Or sometimes we just say ugh and pitch it. Since it is never a huge amount, this is not too painful. This particular mix is a little smokey, a little floral and it is making a very nice ice tea.
This picture is of the side altar in the "Liebfrau Kirche" on the Rhine River in Germany, in a small town north of St. Goar. It is one of the loveliest churches I have ever seen, very serene and feminine, but with a great deal of strength. The main altar windows are over 80 feet high and someday I will show you a picture of them.

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