Friday, August 28, 2009

Lazy day with the Earl

Still the church in Ravenna.

I was lazy today and the only tea I had is Teas etc. Lavender Earl Grey mixed half and half with Adagio's Earl Grey Bravo, in order to taste more Earl Grey [see previous post]. Didn't work, the lavender still overpowers the Earl. Oh well. Maybe Teas Etc. should call it Dowager Dutchess Lavender Grey. Just kidding, as I really like it.

I went to the local Christmas Tree shop and found some powdered "Tea Masala", distributed by Raja Foods. It smells like chai spices and I am going to try it tomorrow or later this afternoon. I think I have some ordinary Assam floating around - it would overwhelm a Darjeeling and I don't think the tastes would be at all compatible.

If you are in the market for nice but not expensive teapots, both the Christmas tree Shop and TJ Maxx or Marshalls [same company] often have them, some made by Chantal, some by other names you might recognize. Sometimes they have the nicely done Polish pottery or tetsubin pots. The prices are good and if you are careful you can find yourself some very decent pots.

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