Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The case of the missing Earl

It's cooler today and I thought I'd return to my samples. I got out Upton's Earl Grey Ceylon select. When I opened the package, a very big scent of bergamot wafted out, along with a strong smell of fresh Ceylon. Brewed it up as usual, took a sniff as I was fishing out the infuser and wait a minute - what happened to his Lordship? Not a whiff! I rechecked the package - there is was, Earl Grey. But not in my cup. How peculiar. The tea itself is a very nice Ceylon - obviously of good quality, almost light, almost floral, with a pleasing slightly astringent toasty finish, but his Lordship has moved on.
The pot I used today is one of my favorites that my friend Darlene gave me for Christmas. It is about a 5"glass globe, resting in a plastic harness that includes the top and handle. It came with it's own infuser basket and a spoon that measures the corrct amount for the pot. It holds about 1 and 1/2 mugs worth - just the amount I like to drink at one time. I think she got it on QVC. Just a very handy little thing and cute, too.
Speaking of teapots, we have 3 green ones, each uglier than the last. One is huge and is an all-dayer for the two of us. The others are smallish. But really ugly greens. I don't really know why we bought them. I am on the lookout for just the right all day teapot to replace this one and I would really like it if it were pretty. Utilitarian doesn't have to be ugly.

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