Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Best Tea

Perhaps you have seen an ad for S.D. Bell's Tea in one of the tea magazines.  Robert Milo had been a tea drinker for over 40 years, but when a friend gifted him with some of Bell's tea, he liked it so much he became their exclusive US importer.  The website is and obviously, he thinks that's just what this is, the best tea.  The web site opens with a plain black tea, but there are many others to choose from, in both leaf and bag.

My sample is just a tea bag, one of those round ones, the plain black tea, which really is Breakfast Tea.  I brewed it with boiling water for about 2 minutes and my, how dark it is!  It is very hearty, very much in the British style, ready to accept and thrive on milk and sugar.  It quite takes me right back to the summer I worked in England and would run to the break room so I could get a "cuppa" without sugar.  It really is very, very good.  It's the tea that saw countless English, Scots, Irish and Welsh folks through the wars and sustained them every day.  It is full-bodied, flavorful and doesn't fall over into being more tannic than wanted.   I think I just found my new breakfast tea.  Best of all, it's on sale at the moment  and they also have chocolates!  Two favorite foods, you can't go wrong.  Indeed, I have to agree with Rob Milo, it's the BEST.

We are ever so cautiously approaching Spring.  The sune shines, a minute amount of snow falls, the wind comes up, the sun shines, it's warm, it's cold.  March came in somewhat lamb-like, but it is roaring out.  Even so, when I see those little green leaves, my heart leaps in joy!

Italian fishmongers on one of the market streets.  As one who absolutely detests fish, not a job for me.  I like the aprons, however.

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