Friday, March 1, 2013

Raspberry Tea

This is house in Dickshied where you can see the stone siding.  All those gray shingles covering the wood are pieces of stone.  The siding on the church, in the last post, was in considerably better repair.

Cold and nasty it is today, as Yoda would say.  It snows at night and then sort of thaws during the day and sometimes it snows again, but it is all gray.  My heart yearns for bright sun on the frozen white fields, as I didn't get my fill of it this winter.  But my heart is also yearning for Spring and as I listen to the rapid beats of a drumming Pileated Woodpecker and the matings calls of the owls in the woods, I know it will soon be here. 

I discovered that Bigelow's Charleston Tea Plantation  is finally selling looseleaf teas, so I got some.  The one I am having today is Rockville Raspberry.  When I opend the tine, I was disappointed, as there was a strong smell of chemical raspberry.  Rats.  However, I persevered and brewed some up.  I wasn't paying attention and brewed it for 5.5 minutes.  Nevertheless, it wasn't bad and the flavor was not nearly as chemically as I was expecting.  Of course, it wasn't really raspberry to my mind, that mingling of sweet and tart and intense flavor.  I really find Mariages Freres does a much better job with their raspberry.

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