Sunday, February 9, 2014


This is not about tea, but having had 3 retinal detachments, I wanted to tell you about them in case you ever have one and this information could save your sight.

If you suddenly have a medium or larger dark spot in your eye, coming from any side, top or bottom, call you ophthalmologist immediately.  Don't wait.  This is your retina detaching from the wall of your eye.  You will need immediate surgery, or, at the very least, a gas bubble put in it to hold the retina in place.  If you put it off, there is an excellent chance you will lose your vision.

Those of us who are good candidates for this to happen are generally older, are near sighted and have had cataract surgery.  Otherwise, as my first surgeon said, it's just bad luck.  Almost all of the procedures are pretty painless, due to all sorts of numbing things.  Having your head down during the healing is not fun, but the rewards are great - eyesight.  Plus, you eventually can get back to drinking new teas.  And you can wear an eye patch and pretend you are a pirate.  Aargh, maties!

Tea is also good for your eyes.  A cold tea bag on your eyes, while resting for 15-30 minutes does wonders for brightening your eyes and spirits.  It's even better for your innards, but we all know that, right?  Of course, right.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Eye, Eye Tea Drinkers

Ah, snow, lovely deep white, shining snow.  I see it now and then, when I can be vertical.  I am recovering from the third eye operation for a detached and/or tearing retina since the middle of November.  I can be up for 30 minutes an hour, up from 6 minutes, but that still does not leave enough time to write. When you have these operations, you have to have your head down close to your knees because there is a gas bubble in your eye, holding the retina in place until it heals. My husband is having a knee replacement next week, so I have been busy making sure we have rides everywhere for that too.  We have been blessed with wonderful friends and neighbors who have really supported us in this time.

I haven't drunk any new teas.  Somehow, trying to savor tea through a straw doesn't quite make it.  With my head down, everything had to be drunk through straws.

So tea was not a new experience, but I rediscovered poetry and crocheted and read like mad.  However, I am getting BORED with my projects and my lack of new teas and not doing any tea reading or writing.  But come March, I hope to be back to normal.  I'd better- Spring is coming!

I hop you and your loved ones are safe and warm and drinking wonderful teas.