Friday, March 22, 2013

New Doesn't Always Mean Good

A small square in Sorrento, Italy.  Looks nicely exotic, doesn't it?

The tea industry is forever trying to capture new customers.  Of course they need to, just as any business must.  I am trying one of their new ideas that I picked up at World Tea East last fall.  It is a packet of  liquid tea concentrate from The Asian Sun Tea Company .  This particular one is decaf green with raspberry flavoring and sweetener added.  There's about a teaspoon of concentrate in the packet and comes out a deep red-amber.  it doesn't smell like raspberries, or tea.  I pour on hot water and now have kind of a pinky orange brew that smells vaguely fruity.

Oh my, this is very sweet.  Especially for one who doesn't use any sweetener in her tea.  The concentrate is also  for iced tea, so maybe it is more sweet for that reason.  However, it doesn't taste like anything, neither raspberry, nor tea and only very mildly of perhaps fruity.  I have to say, why would you bother to drink it?

I noticed yesterday that the hollyhocks by the front porch are putting out very tiny leaves.  They had a lot of seedlings last fall, but it was so crazy, weather-wise, that I am not sure if any survived.  They are the black hollyhocks and a nice foil for the pink and yellow day lilies in front of them.

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Steph said...

Nice to anticipate your flowers! The concentrate doesn't sound very appealing for my tastes either.