Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tea Treats

Techie Tea Person Treat - In This Week magazine, I spotted a really cute little Robot Tea Filter.  Looks just like a little squarish robot with long arms that hook on the sidesof the cup or mug.  You can also find him at

I got a nifty set of  sample tea bags from Twinings in a small folder - Christmas Tea, Peach cold-brewed ice tea and Pomegranate Delight black tea.  I haven't tried them yet, but they look good.  I also got my monthly sample from Lupicia - White Christmas.

This year, instead of spicing the eggnog, I am going to dress it up with some of my powdered chai mix I got at the Indian store.  I have had this a number of times in a cup of black tea and it has been quite tasty, so I thought I would carefully, one spoon at a time, add it to the Christmas Nog.

Speaking of which, I added some of the chai mix to some shortbread - oh, my, tasty!  I have used lavender before and liked it and now that's two to change around.  I also made some using ginger snap seasoning and that was also really good.  My mother only made shortbread at Christmas and she only made them as these very delicate trees.  So good, so rich.

In all the rush, it is good to have a time for tea, to sit and breather, take stock, admire the scenery, remember what the holidays are all about. 

Hanukkah, the Jewish Featival of Lights is coming on Sunday, Dec 9-Dec 16.  Have a lovely time!  Celebrate! Enjoy your families!  Eat well.

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Steph said...

That little robot filter would be a hit in my office! ;-)