Friday, December 14, 2012

Sure And It's A Fine Tea

It has been very cold at night and we can walk across the yard without squishing.  However, the steps are another story as they accumulate ice from all the moisture in the air.  Lovely weather for a cup of tea.

I was a good little housekeeper and did some cupboard cleaning.  I discovered all this tea I had put away for "later" use.  One of my discoveries was a tin of Twinings Irish Breakfast.  If you don't know, teas that are labeled "Breakfast" tend to be pretty straightforward and strong, able to take on milk and sugar with aplomb.  This one is no exception.  It is a fine CTC type, looking like little coffee grains.  I brewed it with boiling water for 3.5 minutes and was rewarded with a nice strong cup of tea, perfect for morning awakenings.  There's not a lot to say about it, but it's a good ordinary cup.

I was most distressed to learn that next year's World Tea East will be held in Atlanta.  Distressed for me, that is, as I won't be able to go.  They are linking up with another show  and will probably reach more people.  You Southerners should make sure you go, it's well worth it and fun, besides.

See that white stuff on the mountains - that's snow.  I am hoping we'll have some of that very soon.  At least a foot, although it doesn't have to come all at once, just soon, right now, preferably.  More reasons for tea drinking.

I have been much entertained by our squirrel population.  I have a feeding station for them and ground feeding birds.  There is one squirrel who is so busy making sure that no one else gets to the food that he forgets to eat.  Gluttony has its own punishment!

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