Monday, December 17, 2012

Tea and Toast and Critters

Toast and tea.  Is there anything more satisfying than this cosy pair for a gloomy afternoon?  Especially with a bit of honey or some cinnamon sugar.  Or perhaps you are more of a marmalade or jam fan.  It really doesn't matter, toast goes with everything.  One should ideally have a cosy fire in the grate, but those of us who are grateless can just go and turn on the Christmas tree.

Then, of course, the question becomes - which tea?  With a plain toast and butter, perhapps a nice flowery Oolong would do the trick.  But I am inclined to Tea Forte's Black Currant.  For me, this is the only One I have found that doesn't carry the "odour de cat spray".  With jam or marmalade I would go for something more plain such as my bloved Yunnans or Keemuns.  Tea raises the humble toast to new heights.

We are having quite the aerial ballet this morning as the chickadees, nuthatches and tufted titmice come to the feeders and then zip away to nibble on their seeds.  They all loop and undulate in their flight, so it is quite a show. The hairy and owny woodpeckers are announcing their arrival with loud chirps and the squirrels are sitting upright on the lawn, scolding me to hustles out there with their treats.          


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