Friday, December 21, 2012

Taking Tea With Cookies

Actually, I'm baking cookies with tea.  The tea is going in me this time, as will the cookies at some point.  It just seemed a nice accompaniment.  It is Twining's Christmas Tea, a pleasant smelling black tea with cinnamon and cloves.  The cookies are an old Swedish recipe with hard boiled egg yolks, so they are a delicate yellow.  They smell good together.  This is the last batch of cookies - I am tired of making them.  I'm not a fiddly person to begin with and cookie making just isn't quite the fun it used to be - I'd rather make cakes.  Which I am, Julia Child's Pound Cake.  This time I flavored it with rose water and I'll serve it with some raspberry sauce I made the other day.

Back to the tea. I usually shy away from tea with cloves in, as that is so overwhelming I'm not interested.  But, I got it free, so why not?  It smalls very nice - well balanced among the flavors.  It is a dark tea, but not super sturdy, overly heavy or overly seasoned.  The tea, cinnamon and clove are nicely balanced and almost, but not quite, delicate.  It really is very nice with the sweet, gentle lemon in the sugar cookies.  It also goes very nicely with the biscotti my lovely sister-in-law made for us.

Oh joy, Oh loveliness, oh, oh, oh, it's snowing.  Hooray.  I so hope it sticks and covers up the muck we are surrounded by - there is standing water all over my yard!  Phoo.  Just watching it fall and having tea provides me with a large shot of the cosies.  Add to that a book to read and 4 furry lap warmers and I am happy.  I don't want a blizzard, well, I do, but that is selfish.

Don't get so crazy with the Christmas things that you forget to have a cup of tea and appreciate the season.

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