Sunday, April 15, 2012

Whisper To Me of Whiteness

For those of you of the Orthodox faith - a happy and Holy Easter to you all!

Not many of us think of Kenya when we think of white teas, but I think we will have to change our minds.  Today I am drinking Royal Tea of Kenya's White Whisper.  This can be purchased from   I wasn't sure how to treat this so I brewed it for 2 minutes using water at about 175 degrees.
But let me back up a moment.  The dry tea is only long delicate buds, with the softest bud hairs covering them.  They have a faint, slightly sharp floral odor.  I used about 2 teaspoons for my 8 ounce cup.

The brews up into the softest, gentlest ivory green.  It has a somewhat full mouth feel with the barest hint of mint, then spring green and then some peachiness.  This is a tea you white tea drinkers have got to try.  The people at the World Tea Expo raved about it, and so do I.

As always, RTK's teas are all pesticide free, grown by small scale farmers and  processed through a farmer's co-operative.

We are actually getting some rain today - we need it badly.  The nueseries are beginning to open, so of course, I had to buy some plants.  Let's see, how many addictions is that?  Tea, good food, gardening, mysteries, laziness.  Obviously, I'm beyond hope.  Guess I'll go do a second wash on White Whisper.

Ah lovely Sorrento, Italy, with mist over Vesuvious.


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