Saturday, April 28, 2012

Taking Tea At the Strand

I had a very pleasant tea today.  It is from The Strand Tea Co. .  It is called Portland Blend, as the company is located near Portland, Oregon.  It is billed as a breakfast blend, with estate teas originating in China and India.  The small to medium twisted black and brown leaves give off an appealing, gentle aroma that is soft and round and has perhaps a bit of walnut in it.

I brewed this for 4 minutes with boiling water.  The scent was still a warm, soft walnut with some green added to it.  The leaves were mostly one or two leaves and a bud, although there were some chopped ones in the mix as well.  As I sipped it, I could tell there was Keemun in there and a nice taste of toast.  This is not a very nuanced tea, but it is delicious, both with and without milk.  I think you could easily drink it all day and not be a bit unhappy.

I was intrigued by many of the teas on the Strand site and if I didn't have nearly a cupboard full of teas waiting to be tasted, I would get some.  I suggest you go over to their site and check them out.

Beautiful Sorrento, Italy and the Bay of Naples

Honest Tea is hosting a number of recycling events, the biggest in Manhattan.  The proceeds will go to establish urban gardens in school yards.  Way to go!


Steph said...

I've never had their tea. Shame on me!

Bernideen said...

Sounds like a lovely tea!