Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yes, Virginia, Good Can Come in a Teabag

Spring in Switzerland.

Ah, yes, true spring is upon us. The trees have finally started really budding, the willows have gone from yellow to green, the brushy understory in the woods below us are beginning to get baby leaves. Up here, 200 feet higher, we need to wait a while. Yesterday was so nice we got our back porch ready to use, almost having lunch there, but it was a bit too cold. Today it is very cold, windy, rainy and tomorrow - ta-da - we might have snow! Ah, spring.

I ordered some tea from the company I get my vitamins from, Puritan's Pride, They mostly deal in vitamins and such like, but once in a while, they take a fling into other areas, like aromatherapy and now tea. Mine is Silkenty Morning Tea, a handpicked 2 leaves and a bud from Ceylon, complete with the Ceylon export seal, a lion rampant. I was quite impressed with the dry teabags - very large, made of silk, with largish leaves that smelled of tea! As it brewed for 3 minutes, it gave off a pleasant aroma of good wood and earth. I brewed up very dark and it is definitely a morning tea. It is strong and hearty with a kind of nutty, earthy taste, but it is very smooth and pleasant. I would certainly get this one again. I like to have tea bags around in the morning because some mornings, I am just not functional and they are quick and undemanding.

I was most unhappy with one of our young kitties - Ernie. He made a spectacular 5 foot leap straight up from the ground and snatched a bird. Of course, it was one of the pretty little goldfinches. I instructed him to do starlings next time or one of the Bully Boys. I think he just said yeah, yeah, yeah.

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