Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tea With Friends and Sweet Rosy O'Grey

We had the most glorious thunderstorms last night. I love to watch them. Since we are near a river and in the midst of hills, the litghtning and thunder can be pretty spectacular. Sadly, some people experienced quite a bit of destruction from them and that is the downside. I still enjoy them, however.

I found a site you all might be interested in for tea party fare. It is There is a lot of good information there and over on the right is a place to sign up for a free tea party recipe, one every week. That's a great idea, since we all sometimes need a new idea. Angela McCrae, on her blog has been having resipes for tea sanwiches every Saturday. A number of the blogs, in my list to the right, often have recipes for tea.

Most of my birds have been hard at the suet cakes. Not just the woodpeckers, but the titmice, chickadees, red wing blackbirds and "the Bully Boys" although the blue jays prefer peanuts. They also like cat food, but it is raining too much to put any out. I think all the courting and nest building requires a lot of energy.

Yesterday I made ice tea with Teas Etc. Rosy Earl Grey. About 1.5 quarts of water, 10+ teaspoons tea, 5 hours in the fridge. What lovely stuff! Rose, citrus, a delicate but sturdy mix. Well worth doing again and an excellent tea for a summer tea party.

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