Friday, April 22, 2011

Blessed Easter To All

Floral carvings on the choir stalls in Meieringen, Switzerland.
They were recently cleaned and look brand new in stead of several
centuries old.

It's another gray grizzly day, and it is pretty cold. The weather site says we won't see the sun for a week. I guess I'd better keep drinking green tea, although I may have to switch to black to warm these old bones.

I am having the Bamboo Tea House Melon Seed Green. This is also known as Liu An Gua Pian and hales from China, usually An Hui Province. I expected the leaves to be melon seed shaped and they weren't. Before I got all critical about that, I looked it up on several internet sites and none of them are. Phew.

The leaves are very green and very large and they smell like popcorn to me. As it brewed, it came to have more of a Cracker Jack aroma. This carried through into the tea, which was light and sweet, but certainly not cloying. There was still a bit of Cracker Jacks in it. It is delightful to have tea have so many aromas and flavors all on its own.

The First Flush Darjeeling harvest is done, so we can expect to see them in our tea merchants offerings within the next month or two. In Taiwan, the lower slope Oolongs have been picked and the high mountain ones should start to be picked in the next week or two.

I have been making a lot of blueberry scones lately and I have found that if I put them in the batter frozen (I have about 5 gallons in the freezer!!!) they do very nicely and come out with a bare minimum of bursting, instead staying a nice plump berry. I had best find some other way to use them, as summer is coming and I will certainly want to pick more.

I wish all of you an ecstatic Easter celebration and I'll see you again on Monday.

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