Sunday, April 3, 2011

St. Peter's church in Bacharach, Germany. I like how they are restoring it to its original colors. I also think the stairway is lovely.

Okay, even I will admit we really are in Spring. Kids are riding their bikes, I did some cleaning up in the garden and I went to Agway (farm and garden) and spent beaucoup bucks on seeds, bulbs, potting soil, the whole shebang. I planted my saved forever tomato seeds and I am good to go. We have saved these seeds, which we call Peter's tomatoes after a friend of a friend, for over 30 years. They are so good, a type of Polish Paste, big, long, meaty. We have only saved seeds from the sweetest and tastiest. Now we need to work on making them more prolific. I also have some cherry tomato seed that I really like.

I celebrated with some Oasis from Tea Forte. This is a mix of green tea, spring flowers and citrus. I brewed it for about 2.4 minutes with 180 degree water and it is citrussy, but very pleasantly so. The liquor is a pale gold and is slightly sweet, with a mild citrus flavor that is well-undergirded with the green tea. Altogether a very pleasant and successful blend. By which I mean you can taste the tea as well as the flavoring. I really don't like tea that only tastes like flavoring. I don't see the point of drinking it.

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Alex Zorach said...

I mostly agree with you on your remark about flavored tea where you cannot taste the base tea undermining the point of the tea. Perhaps the tea, in these blends (I initially typed "blands" which I think is a Freudian slip if I ever made one) serves the purpose primarily of adding caffeine and perhaps body, rather than flavor or aroma.

Sometimes though, I wonder if the tea is adding something to a blend even if I can't detect it. Flavors and aromas often work like that...sometimes we are consciously aware of them, but other times we are not, but we may become strongly aware of them if one component from the blend is removed.