Thursday, September 2, 2010

Taking tea with the Earl

I'm not sure who this chickie is, but I think that's a sword in her hand.
Today is so warm and sultry, it just conjures up "languid summer afternoon" A perfect day for swinging on the porch, reading a novel,
drinking tea.
I have found a very refreshing one. One of the few flavored teas I like is Earl Grey and I like it even more with lavender in it. One of my new Upton's purchases is filling the bill quite nicely. It's name is Earl Grey Tea, Lavender. No bell and whistles.
Upon opening the packet I am met with a lovely lavender scent. It's not the usual flowery, perfumey one, but one that is more herbal, almost minty. It's not very strong, either, more like homemade potpourri. The leaves are a uniform black, with some lavender buds. I brewed it up for about 3.5 minutes with water just under the boil.
There wasn't a lot of scent, mostly just the fresh tea, with hints of bergamot and lavender. The tea is a pretty golden brown and tastes wonderful. There's not a lot of either bergamot or lavender, but together they produce a warm, comforting herby taste to go with a very gentle tea. It's a light tea, perfect for a lazy afternoon. My husband really liked it. Wow. I think I will try it iced when I am finished with the one that's currently in the fridge - a blend of Darjeeling second flush and a Chinese Dragonwell - nice and light. I don't usually drink my cold tea with ice, so I don't make it very hearty.

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